Today, air bubble film plays a major role in the packaging industry. The Reutlingen-based company BVM Brunner, a leading manufacturer of film packaging machines, has succeeded in developing a machine that can pack products of different sizes and in chaotic order in air bubble film:

BM 8030 Lupo, the new model, systematically puts the company motto "Passion for packaging" into practice.

Mr. Dietmar Brunner, Managing Director of BVM Brunner, sums it up: "In total, we see a large field of applications, above all in the e-commerce and online trading, because this kind of packaging also takes account of product protection. Of course, only to the extent that the air bubble film itself can offer. After exactly 32 years of development of packaging machines, we are especially pleased to introduce such a machine on the market.”

The demand for packaging in different types of air bubble film steadily increases and the customers’ requirements are combined with an awareness of sustainable product protection: "With this world’s first machine for air bubble film packaging, we can cover the whole spectrum," adds Dietmar Brunner.

BM 8030 Lupo offers unique technical properties, "We now offer this top quality machine on the market and will consistently pursue its distribution. A brand new machine!"

From 13th to 15th March 2018, BVM Brunner will present the BM 8030 Lupo for the first time at "LogiMAT" in Stuttgart - just like some of the other BVM packaging machines such as BVM’s Comtex 4G.



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